If you are interested in mentoring,

we’d love to help you find the right fit.

programsAt Friends for Youth, a successful mentoring experience starts with something important – finding your place.  Maybe you only have Tuesday nights free, or maybe you plan to move in 6 months.  Maybe you are interested in working with an older youth, or maybe you want to stay on the east side of town.

Maybe you just simply have a calling…and now you’re responding.

We have mentors from all walks of life and each mentor that comes through our door has a unique set of interests, experiences, responsibilities and life circumstances.  We have a program for you.

One-to-One Mentoring: Just you and one youth, hanging out, having fun, making an impact.  Go to their basketball game, help with homework, take them on a hike, listen when they need to talk.  If you have 1 year or more of your time to give a few days out of the month, our one-to-one program may be the fit for you.  You could be making a life-long friend.

Success Journey Mentoring: Can you remember when you got your first job, or when you graduated high school?  Do you want to see others experience that same feeling? Do you have a heart for older youth and helping them get back on their feet?  Come take part in the Success Journey, where mentors spend 3 months getting to know a group of awesome youth before getting matched with one individually for the remainder of a year.  You become their community.

Success Journey EDU Mentoring: Success Journey EDU offers a weekly group program and supportive service for the entire school year and throughout the summer.  Once the group commences, a Friends for Youth staff member, along with mentors, will devote one full school year to building trust- based and supportive relationships with the students.

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