Without mentors, we cannot accomplish the life-changing work that we do. 


Whether you are a current, past, or prospective mentor with Friends for Youth, your interest in helping a youth and giving them a chance means so much to us – and it means the world to them.

Learn what it takes to become a mentor.  Take that first step – participate in a Friends for Youth orientation.  From here you will learn more about the programs we have to offer, the various time/commitment levels, and how you will be making an impact.  Feel free to browse through what our current and past mentors have had to say about the program and why your involvement means so much!  Worried about if you can do it?  Worry not – as a mentor we equip you with the right resources and training’s to help make mentoring easy, as well as fun events to help keep you and your mentee busy and moving without struggling to plan an activity on your own every time.


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