At Friends for Youth, we know that mentoring works.  We see the changes every day when positive, healthy adult role models are given a chance to impact the life of a youth.  However, to those who haven’t yet had the chance to see the difference that the mentors and programs at Friends for Youth have made for themselves, here are some basic statistics that we’ve compiled from 2014 that demonstrate mentoring makes a difference.

In 2014, Friends for Youth served a total of 335 youth in the five-county Denver-Metro area that were involved in the juvenile justice, child welfare, foster care systems, and schools. Of the 72 youth served in the One-to-One Community Mentoring Program: 92% spent at least one year in a mentoring relationship with a caring adult; 82% successfully completed probation, did not incur further charges, or remained out of the Juvenile Justice system; 93% identified their match as positive and beneficial; 86% stayed in school, graduated from high school, or pursued a GED or secondary education. Of the 106 youth served in the Site-Based Group Mentoring Program: 86% attended group each week; 98% rated their experience as positive and beneficial; 81% demonstrated an increase in developmental assets and 11% also received a one-to-one mentor. With the recent implementation of The Diamond Standard curriculum and complimentary evaluation measure, data collection for program evaluation is still in process. Of the 72 youth served in the Success Journey Program: 86% of youth in their first year with Success Journey did not re-offend or incur new charges while on parole; 88% spent at least one year in a one-to-one relationship with a caring adult. Lastly, we’ve had the opportunity to develop trust-based and supportive relationships with over 50 students through our Success Journey EDU Mentoring Program at two high schools.

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