Success Journey Mentoring:

Success Journey


After reading about the programs above, maybe you’re asking yourself why Friends for Youth doesn’t just combine the two programs and have the best of both worlds?  Well, we have.

Welcome to the Success Journey.

Designed as a ground-breaking program to help older youth transition from detention to community, Success Journey is a radically different and innovative idea that puts mentors and youth together in a group setting for 15 weeks, then matches each youth and mentor in the group based on their input and feedback, then keeps them matched for the remainder of a year and as they transition back into their communities.

Why does it work?

Youth committed to the Division of Youth Corrections have an 80% failure rate for successfully staying out of prison once released if they have no support or intervention.  With Success Journey, that number is reversed – 80% successfully leave and stay out for good.  Mentoring works – and you can be a direct part of that %.

Who does it work for?

Success Journey is designed to work for mentors 25 years and up who have a calling to work with older youth who are stuck between a rock and a hard place – The leave detention, they are told to find a job and attain their G.E.D., but now they have no resources, no leads for a job, no counselor to help get them back in school…they have nothing except for their old lifestyle trying to call them back.  They need an alternative.  They need a mentor.  They need you.

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